Crystal Edge Professionals

About Us

Crystal Edge Professional Services is a corporate training and branding consultancy company in Nigeria founded in July 2018. We specialize in various corporate trainings that will improve your staff performance and productivity in order to achieve all round results and the overall corporate objectives. We also help you build a business brand that communicate the right message, values and perception of what your company stands for to your customers and other stakeholders of your company.


Our Vision

To be one of the leading training and branding consultancy company in Nigeria

Our Mission

To build and empower companies to keep their brand promise by creating unique profiles, highlighting distinctive qualities and identifying a solid customer base

Our Core Values

Excellence, Innovation & Strategy

We deliver trainings such as:

Emotional Intelligence

Personality Development

Digital/Social Media Marketing

Corporate Relationship Management

Our Branding Services cover:

Brand Identity & Clarity

Brand Name, Brand Message/Voice, Brand Tagline and Brand Story

Brand Strategy

Brand Vision, Brand Mission, Brand Values and Brand Positioning

Brand Communication

Brand Colours, Brand Logo, Brand Designs and Templates, Digital/Content Marketing and Website Development

Brand Equity

Marketing Strategy, Brand Diversification, Strategic Brand Extension Plan, Social Media Management and Brand Management

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Crystal Edge Professionals